Equal Housing Opportunity. The units or interests in the development are offered to the public and are sold or alienated without regard to marital status, sex, race, color, creed, religious principles, national origin, ancestry, affectional or sexual orientation, or any other basis prohibited by the Law Against Discrimination (N.J.S.A.10:5-1 et seq.).

The artist representation of the building and any description or depiction of interior decorations, finishes, appliances, furnishings or exterior photographic views contained herein are provided for illustrative purposes only and may be modified, altered or changed. The complete offering terms are in the Public Offering Statement available from Sponsor. Sponsor makes no representation or warranties except as may be set forth in the Public Offering Statement and Purchaser acknowledges and agrees that it has relied only on the terms of the Public Offering Statement.

COA 99 Hudson, LLC, the sponsor of 99 Hudson, a Condominium, and its principal(s) are not incorporated in, located in, or resident in the State of New York. The proposed offering and sales are neither made in the State of New York nor made to the residents of the State of New York. No offering or sale is directed to any person or entity in the State of New York by, or on behalf of, the offeror or anyone acting with the offeror’s knowledge and no offering or purchase or sale of the any interest of  99 Hudson, a Condominium shall take place as a result of this offering until: 1) all registration and filling requirements under the Martin Act and the Attorney General’s regulations are complied with; or 2) a written exemption is obtained pursuant to an application is granted pursuant to and in accordance with Cooperative Policy Statements #1 or #7; or 3) a “No-Action” request is granted.